South Freeport, Maine
After receiving a BFA with a major in painting from New York University, I embarked on a varied career as an artist in New York, Washington D.C. and California. During this time I served as Art Director at many magazines and several newspapers, headed a team of graphic designers for the Democratic National Committee, taught graphic design both in grade school and at the college level, and freelanced as a designer and illustrator for 12 years until the birth of my first child. Beginning in 1978 my paintings and drawings have been on display in many group exhibitions and three one-woman gallery shows in Washington, D.C. where I lived for 30 years. Since moving to Maine in 2009, I opened (and closed) two art galleries and have painted exclusively in oils. Like many other local artists, I find Maines natural landscape inspirational, making the sea and sky favorite subjects. I also find the boisterous energy and vibrancy of flowers to be a constant in my work, while portraits and abstract compositions have recently called to me. The binding element in all of my paintings and drawings is the interplay of color.