Anne Post Poole

South Berwick, Maine
I am forever grateful to my husband Matt Poole for giving me his old DSLR – a Nikon D70 - back in 2011. That gift was the beginning of this ferociously fun and neverending passion to pull out my DSLR, point and shoot, or smart phone and capture the feast of color, light, patterns and designs my eyes have fed on for years . Finally, I felt like my eyes had a voice. Matt’s instruction and inspiration fired up in me the discovery of my own feverish love for photographic imagery and its poetry, and the sheer excitement of chasing the light. I love to write poetry too; I wonder if the art of writing a poem and shooting an image are simply the same act of capturing light and shadow but with a different lens – either made from my mind’s eye using words or glass? I love the way a photograph tells a story, expands one’s imagination beyond the margins, and snaps the glorious (or inglorious) beauty of a place or subject. I love to shoot landscapes as well as macros (micro landscapes) in nature as well as architecture, old rusty stuff, and city- or townscapes. I have shown my work at juried events such as the Maine Photography Show, The Harlow, and NH Art Association.