Berri Kramer

Kennebunkport, Maine
Berri Kramer grew up in Lincoln, Massachusetts and spent as many hours as she could in the studios at DeCordova Museum. She earned a BFA in Design and Crafts from Kent State University and a Masters in Fiber from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. As a textile artist she explored color, pattern, rhythm and construction. She worked for 25 years designing for Better Homes and Gardens. Bringing that background with her to paint and encaustic she utilizes her experience to voice a new layer of thought. Berri is currently a faculty member and President of Heartwood College of Art in Biddeford, Maine. My work reflects the blocks of color and patterns that surround all of us everyday. I am fascinated by the tools and tracks that are unintentionally left behind. …a fiber remnant, a letter or a feather. The exercise in choosing from endless imagery and palettes, and editing it to distill the message, has become my practice in every medium. Often the scale of these snippets is exaggerated or reduced to take the viewer away from the assumed. The simplest forms can often tell the greatest story. If you chase two rabbits at the same time, you will lose them both. -Russian Proverb