Claudia Griffiths

Camden, Maine
Photography is my haiku, wrote Claudia Noyes Griffiths, my poetry of light. It has evolved in a series of collections, capturing the soft and rugged, natural and fabricated, old and new. As Claudia journeyed in her business career and personal life far from her childhood on a small New England dairy farm, she developed an affinity for photography, which she practiced, studied, and exhibited over the years. Early recognition included awards for her nature photography and selection for regional and national Meals on Wheels exhibitions. Years later, her work was selected for multiple exhibitions in Damariscotta at the Will Kefauver Studio & Gallery and at the Yarmouth Art Festival. A jury committee chose her work to be included in the America’s 14th Amendment Exhibition at the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine at the University of Maine in Augusta in 2016.