David Costello

Freeport, Maine
I fell in love with painting and color as a child. For as long as I can remember all I ever wanted to be was an artist. I did it for the pure joy of it – with no other agenda but to satisfy a deep desire to express my emotions through color. I started to get serious about Art as a career in High School where I had a very inspiring and encouraging art teacher. All the Arts were given a place of importance at that school, as much as the regular academic subjects. It was during those four years of high school that I decided to make Art my life’s work. I continued in that pursuit with formal studies at accredited art schools. After school, I lived in Europe, mostly in France and Italy. Those were very enriching and inspiring years, filled with exhibits and shows where I won a number of awards. During that time, in Southern France, I met an amazing silversmith named Jeanne who would become my wife. Today (40 years later) we are still together and blessed with 3 beautiful grown children. The path of an artist is not an easy one. There have been many ups and downs along the way. At one of my lowest points, I gave up on my dream and took a job working for a daily newspaper in Massachusetts. I was however blessed with a steady income and eventually, before leaving to start my own graphic design business, I had risen to the position of Graphics Editor. Although this course was not my first choice, it proved to be very rewarding and good training ground regarding illustration and computer skills. Today, after all the ups and downs, unexpected curves in the road, I find myself settled in Freeport, Maine, once again devoting my time to creating art as was my dream initially – but with a sharper focus. I am unable to see and experience Life without recognizing the fingerprint of God on it. His signature is on each sunset, every sunrise. Formal Training: Carmel Art Institute, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco Art Academy.
http://www.davidcostello.com costy48@gmail.com