Janice L. Moore

Freeport, Maine
Janice L. Moore has been making art from her studio in Freeport for over twenty years, with a primary focus in oil painting. Born in Canada, her family is from Nova Scotia and she goes back whenever possible to spend time with them; to learn more history and absorb the visuals there. She grew up in northern Maine’s Aroostook County. Schools still closed for the potato harvest then; a tradition mostly gone now. She tried joining the harvest but was a terrible picker, falling behind almost immediately. She would eventually give away her section and flip over an empty barrel to take in her surroundings: patterns of rows made from each pass of the tractor and wide-open sky with beautiful clouds in every direction. She moved with her family to the coast as a teenager, eventually finding her tribe of creatives and fellow art makers. After graduating from Waynflete School and Sarah Lawrence College, she traveled in many directions, living in Paris and New York City before eventually returning to Maine to raise her son and pursue her quest for being useful (despite her poor harvesting skills). Moore has pursued an ongoing exploration of Maines industrial landscapes and what she describes as ‘our architecture of usefulness’. She believes that in Maine landscapes, we often reference our idealized vistas of woods, mountains, and coastline, which Maine is rightly known for, but there’s another equally intriguing landscape that tells an important truth about our history and our culture. She has shown her work in many traditional gallery settings and has a particular interest in showing in places of healing, having spent a fair amount of time in them and knowing first hand their value.
http://www.janicelmoore.com jlmooreart@gmail.com