Karen Gordon

Portland, Maine
My name is Karen Gordon and I am a self-taught fiber artist. I work with wool utilizing wet and needle felting techniques, hand embroidery and free-motion machine embroidery. Originally from Long Island, New York, I came to Maine in 1994 and never looked back. My educational background is business, and my life is filled with many adventures that three children, a husband, and a dog can bring. I have always been drawn to hand work, and once I was introduced to felting in 2019, all of the pieces fell into place. My passion is to felt every day and to share this felting joy with others. In early 2020 I traveled to Scotland to take felting workshops and learn new and enhanced techniques to apply to my own work. It was time well spent, and I feel as if my work has taken on more intense character and meaning. Felting is a very natural dimensional art form, that has been around for thousands of years in many different forms. I have taken those ancient traditions and applied them in new ways based on my interpretation of the world around me. Remember ME Fiber Art Studio is my private studio started in November 2019, where I work out of both Portland and Casco, Maine.
http://www.fiberartforme.com fiberartforme@gmail.com