Kelly Ufkin

CASCO, Maine
When I was six years old my family and I relocated from Riverside, California to Portland, Maine. This is where I spent most of my life until I went to college in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Marywood University became my home for seven years and where I earned a BFA in Art Therapy and minor in Psychology. I had decided to remain at Marywood to receive a Master of Fine Arts in Painting degree. During the seven years I had studied abroad for two semesters in Florence, Italy where I was trained in oil and fresco painting which I have continued in the states. Europe was a life altering experience that I would definitely do again if given the opportunity. Being able to study the masters from Musee Marmottan Monet, Louvre, Uffizi and others have broadened my skills and highly influenced my work. I also have great admiration for the Dutch oil painters. Since completing my masters degree in May 2012 I have returned to Maine.