Kris Lape

Portland, Maine
I am an artist in Portland, Maine. This body of work was created during the shutdown related to the Corona Virus pandemic. I have mostly been a realistic painter, until Covid. I began working with alcohol inks, which are extremely hard to control. Much like the way I was seeing the virus affecting us all. I could create work that resembles something I know, but had to let the rest of the process take its own direction. It was a frustrating, enlightening and a lovely process for me. I found myself creating vivid flower, landscape, sunrise and sunset paintings that made me surprised and soothed. I also created some ethereal and universe pieces. The search for peace has been hard during this time, and beauty is so necessary. All work is unique, original and can never be recreated. I have found these pieces of work represent a type of control and letting go that we have all had to experience as of late