Leon Vanella

Topsham, Maine
My foundational influences are a mix of National Geographic and Smithsonian contributors, whose work I consumed since I was very young, and the work of a myriad of Renaissance and Baroque masters that I studied in Art History courses as a young adult. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered the work of other fine art photographers. Whatever the approach in composition, whichever category one might assign to a particular piece, the essence of my subject comes first. While I am typically inclined toward works by other artists that are tragic or grim, I concentrate my own effort on finding beauty. Perhaps this is a way to constantly remind myself that no matter what passes, there is always something to appreciate, and there is still magic in the world…be it the miracle of color, the way a bird clings to a branch, or the play of light through mist. Everyday sights and occurrences are special, we need only pause to appreciate them. Photography, for me, is a way to crystallize these moments and show an audience how I look at the world we share but often view very differently.
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