Liliia Yuliya Shuel

Yarmouth, Maine
I have been painting all my life, as long as I remember myself. For a very long time I thought it is a hobby. Only recently I realized that I don’t just want to paint - I need to paint. It became my life’s necessity. I have started taking workshops, practice, educate myself on different techniques and styles as well as study composition and color. In 2016, I was lucky to participate in Alvaro Castagnets workshop in Portland, Maine. I continued practicing my painting and drawing skills, and two years later I participated in Dan Marshalls workshop. In between, during and after that time I studied the works of Joseph Zbukvic, Andy Evansen, Robert Wade, Roberto Zangarelli, Joe Dowden, Eugen Chisnicean, and many more. My watercolor understanding and studying reached another level when I discovered the works of Liu Yi and Wendy Artin. My favorite way to paint is loose, wet into wet washes. I like experimenting with different paper, pigments, and subject matter. When I paint I am happy, even if I am having a bad day, or the process of the painting is hard and frustrating. I have always had strong connection to nature. I was born in Uzhhorod, Ukraine in 1983. When I was a small child my grandparents took me hiking in the woods of Carpathian mountain every weekend, we visited Poland, Hungary, Slovakia on holidays. I remember being fascinated by the change of the colors of the forest as seasons go by, by the architecture in cities I visited with my family. I was fortunate to live my life in three different countries. We moved to Israel in 1996, and after an alternative two years army service, I have decided to pursue nursing career. In 2007, I graduated from Haifa University and Technion Institute of Technology with BSN degree. I had a very busy work schedule in Israel, moved through many adult and pediatric departments to polish nursing skills. After a couple of years I landed in Alyn Rehabilitation Hospital, in Jerusalem and my life as a nurse has changed forever. I felt it was a fortune and a calling. I met amazing people who cared daily for teens and children with disabilities. Everyday I saw children pursuing their tiny little goals on their road to success and discharge, and I was happy to be part of the process. I continued painting while working full-time job and it helped me to deal with many sad realities of caring for people with long-term conditions. My job was accompanied by seeing someone taking their first step and breath without assisting devices, and also by unexpected or expected deaths. In 2011, I moved to US with my husband and a cat. Here we lived in Ohio, Massachusetts, and now life brought us to Yarmouth, Maine. Every place I lived in has its magic and has had its influence on me. These lifes transitions allowed me to experience new places, new people, new languages and of course various landscapes and sceneries. I believe that when experiencing the beauty of the world around us we are filled with emotions and I am trying to express these emotions on paper. It goes beyond just creating a picture - it represents a moment in my life and my emotional state at that moment. This moment of wonder and fascination by light, shadows, architecture, crisp air or salty ocean breeze is challenging to put on paper. My biggest hope is that I can share this moment, even if it is for a brief second, with a person who is looking at my painting. Currently, I am still a part-time nurse, working in adolescent and child inpatient psychiatry unit in Westbrook, and raising two crazy boys with my husband. My goal is to combine art and my work into one process for my patients, my kids, and myself.