Marcia Brandwein

Pemaquid, Maine
I believe my love of painting and drawing was intuitive as I started at a very young age before I had any idea of who or what would be an inspiration. I was fortunate to have parents that encouraged me. After graduating from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a degree in Illus- tration I realized that there was no passion for this path. Through a chance meeting I began a career in textile design which changed my life. I use the skills of design, color and pattern in my paintings. I am not afraid of bold execution and the 6 months I spend in Maine are filled with brilliant vistas, colors and textures which I try to recreate in my paintings. I start by loosely drawing out my composition with paint and then I am drawn to the contrast of the colors that I see outdoors. From this point, it is pure emotion. I am drawn into the moment of creativity which is both passive and exciting. As the colors go down , the discovery of how it begins to come together is the most satisfying all encompassing feeling.