Marilyn Bickford

Yarmouth, Maine
I grew up in Needham, Mass., where N.C. Wyeth had a home and painted. His style influenced my mother Vivian Pearson and she began painting in oil in 1948. I always felt that I would paint in time. Further educated in Maine and married with 3 children and with other commitments, I sought outlets for my creativity. Influenced by my daughters who have all studied art in a variety of forms, I allowed myself to do the same. Starting with watercolor in 1992, I found that I liked the way that the paint moved on paper. Then on to oils, the smell reminiscent of my childhood. Intrigued by the looseness and blending of color, I now work in both mediums. Although my style is quite representational, I strive for a loose and free result. My home faces the sea and I often paint seascapes. I find that the changing tides and when the birds feed are wonderful to watch and inspiring to paint.