Michael Stevenson

Augusta, Maine
Quilting runs in my DNA. In fact, my modest collection of vintage quilts includes the work of my maternal great-grandmother and my paternal grandmother, as well as my favorite great aunt. In my world, men didn’t sew. A male tailor might appear on TV, but farm families like mine didn’t have need for tailors and their aspirations for their sons rarely included perfecting the use of a needle and thread! Regardless, I grew up knowing the years of warmth and comfort a well-crafted quilt can provide and consequently developed a deep appreciation for the artistry and skill that goes into their creation. Although my handiwork may never match that of my foremothers, I hope my improvisational art quilts bring a measure of pleasure, if not comfort, to the people whose lives they touch. For additional images of recent work, search for michaelrstevensonphd on Instagram.
http://IG michaelrstevensonphd docmrs2011@gmail.com