Rhonda Pearle

Cumberland Foreside, Maine
I have a background in graphic design. Ive worked for the New York Mets and the Miami Dolphins, running and designing programming for their scoreboards and Ive worked in educational television, designing graphics and sets for programs. Ive also had my own graphic design business, designing logos, print materials, video graphics and websites. After my first visit to Monhegan Island in 1995, I was inspired to pursue painting as a career. Ive been fortunate enough to have studied with wonderful artists who have helped me find the language of oil paint and led me down the road to exploring my own vision. In 2008, I finally followed my passion and my inspiration and moved to Maine. I continue to explore art as an expression of color, form, and energy. I invite the viewer to find their own meaning in my paintings, but thats not why I paint. I paint because it calls to me. Like yoga, its a way of life; a discipline; a dance.
http://bridgegallerymaine.com rhondapearle@maine.rr.com