Richard Winslow

Waterboro, Maine
I have primarily been an outdoor painter although much of my development and pleasure as an artist has come through regular figure and portrait studies. At this point, I continue to consider myself a continuing learner because the challenges of art seem endless. I willingly accept that and so much enjoy being in the process of learning and exploration. Learning through artistic workshops` is also a part of that process. I have had the good fortune to parallel my art and artistic development as an artist with fundraising events. Many of these events have been concerned with Land Trust Preservation, support for Art Education as well other worthy community endeavors. I intend to continue these events as well as continue to enter shows, competitions, and be represented in galleries. Oil painting is my primary medium, but I also work in pastels and watercolors. I maintain membership in the Kennebunk Artist Guild. Pottery and ceramics also continues to be a regular endeavor and I belong to The Southern Maine Pottery Guild.