Rick Berk

Freeport, Maine
Im a photographer based in coastal Maine, who tries to travel and capture what I see through my lens as much as possible. Im inspired as much by nature as I am by people and man made environments. Landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, portraits, and more- let me point my camera in that direction and Im happy. Photographing places is my first love. I dont try to create literal interpretations as much as I try to recreate the feeling of the place Im photographing. Vibrant colors. Crisp edges. Strong emotions. I edit my images to bring out the emotions I felt as I experienced each place and to bring out my unique vision. My images are a reflection of the connection I feel with the subject I am photographing. This is true whether I am photographing a landscape, a cityscape, a building, or a person.
http://www.rickberk.com rick@rickberk.com