Suzanne deLesseps

South Freeport, Maine
After retiring from more than 40 years as a landscape gardener, Suzanne spends her time painting at home in Maine and wherever her travels take her. She travels for several weeks each year painting the countryside and villages of France, England, Scotland and recently Wales. As an artist, she finds the change of scenery and culture both challenging and exciting. I work in pastel, oil and recently gouache. My paintings are a visceral response to the natural landscape. To paint the heart and soul of these spaces is my mission and my joy. I make visual suggestions and impressions rather than exact recordings of a scene. What first grabs my eye when painting en plein air are the shapes created by light and shadow. Peeking through tree lines or tangled branches creates a certain mystery and depth. I want viewers to have a sense of being able to walk into the painting. Suzanne deLesseps, P.O. Box 74, South Freeport, ME