Thom Buescher

Falmouth, Maine
Thom Buescher is a resident of Falmouth following a year spent in Yarmouth. He has been painting for over fifty years. His works, drawn from views along the midcoast and Penobscot Bay islands and on down through Casco Bay, are developed largely from on-site sketches and studies that are reworked in the studio. He works exclusively in both designer and acrylic gouaches, preferring the matte finishes each provide. Retired from twenty years of teaching at Camden Hills Regional High School and over twenty five years as a child/adolescent therapist, he is developing a more ambitious illustration project now that might evolve into a children’s book.
 Thom and his family moved to Maine in 1989 and he began a long exploration in the use of both designers and, more recently, acrylic gouaches. His background in graphic design and serigraphy has merged into his current approach to painting, translating plein air developed landscapes into somewhat ‘reductionistic’ images in the studio.

His works are held by private, corporate, and public owners. While not always, most of his paintings and illustrations are developed for private commissions, art auctions to benefit community agencies, or for invitational exhibits along the Midcoast of Maine. He has occasional showings at Archipelago, the Gallery of the Island Institute in Rockland. A planned solo show at the Yarmouth History Center for July 2020 had to be postponed until July 2021.